Visceral Fat loss and Isagenix the clinical study

MRI-Images-Visceral-FatMany people do not know that the fat we create around our middle is visceral fat.  They will diet and not understand why they can not lose their middle section.  Isagenix has now  published in a second high-profile, peer-reviewed publication, Nutrition Journal.  And from looking at the MRI Scan it is showing prooof of their Visceral Fat Study Isagenix

The MRI scans serve to provide visual evidence of visceral fat reduction in the subject in the Isagenix group during the 30-day study. MRI scans use radio waves to scan the body and then produce cross-sectional pictures showing the internal structures of the body.

The figures in this publication include before (figure A) and after (figure B) cross-sectional abdominal scans of a subject who was in the Isagenix group of the study. When viewed side by side, there is a noticeable decrease in visceral fat—the fat that surrounds the internal organs—in figure B compared to figure A (the white area within the outlined section).

On the Doctors show they showed more about Visceral Fat

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Source and more information:  Isagenix clinical studies

Image credit:  Isagenix visceral fat loss study

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