UK Soccer players diet

UK Soccer players diets

UK Soccer players diets are making the news for choosing premium nutrition from Isagenix

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United is paying £50 a day to make sure he is getting the right nutrition, delivered to his door.  But not all UK Soccer players need to pay that much.  Isagenix is a Health and Wellness company from the USA that caters to athletes needs.  They recently expanded into the UK on May 15th, 2017.  The Premium Pack offers everything they need for nutrition and their vitamin needs.  Over 18,000 customers waited to purchase the products online.  Many were professional athletes including football/soccer players.  The UK Diet is an official distributor for Isagenix products

 UK Soccer players diet – Premium Pack

Cost of Weight Management Premium pack daily is just over £15 a day if you buy Wholesale

Olympic athletes have been using premium Isagenix products since 2002


Weight Management Premium Pack

The Premium Pack for Soccer Players. Why pay £50 when you can pay £15 a day


What is in the UK Soccer Premium Pack?

Weight Management Isagenix pack list

Athletes from all over the world trust their nutritional needs to Isagenix.
team isagenix athlete

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