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what is Isagenix weight loss

What is Isagenix weight loss?

Doctors and Chiropractors are recommending it.  Doctors, nurses, seniors, athletes are using it.  What is it?

Isagenix is a Nutritional Cleansing program.  What that means is, not only do you lose weight and inches but you do it the healthy way.  Not a fad diet as this company has been around for 12 years.  The great part of the program, is you can do it from home, you can do it if you travel, and you get the most amazing support.  Ever done a weight loss program and had questions and no one there to answer them for you.  Do you use Facebook?  We have an amazing group of private groups for Moms, athletes, Dads, seniors, and even teens.  Weight loss is hard, there is no doubt about it, but if you take some of the guess work out it makes it so much easier.

  • Do you travel?  This program will work for you as we have travel packs
  • Are you more than 100 lbs overweight?  Ask me how more than 400 people have lost more than 100 lbs.
  • Are you an athlete looking to build lean muscle?  Ask me how to do it
  • Just had a baby and want to lose those extra pounds – Ask me how to do it.
  • Do you dread getting on the scales?  Do you hate going to weight loss meetings?

The Isagenix weight loss program works like this:

Isagenix weight loss programYou buy a complete program in a box called the 30 day or we have other programs we can customize to your specific needs.  You are replacing groceries, so the cost of this program is in place of the food you are presently eating (including take out foods which can add up)  One shake for breakfast, another for lunch or dinner and one meal of 400-600 calories.  Then once or twice a week, or nightly you do what is called a cellular cleanse.  It does not involve constant runs to the bathroom.  This works in a completely different way then colon cleanses.  All you do is drink the cleanse in either a liquid form, or buy the powder and mix it with water.  It cleanses body toxins.  You will be pleasantly surprised on how good you feel.  Some common comments from clients have talked about sleeping better, hair is more healthy looking, fuller, thicker, more energy and of course the weight loss.

If you would like more information about Isagenix weight loss, do not hesitate to contact me






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Isagenix sold here



Isagenix is NOT sold in stores. The best place to buy Isagenix is from a qualified consultant.  I have been using Isagenix for 4 years and have helped clients in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.  If you want to buy Isagenix products online, please know that not all online ordering platforms are equal.


Isagenix sold hereIsagenix is a direct sales company, meaning the products are distributed by an independent network of associates.  The 30 day weight loss program, or 9 day programs are not stocked.  In order to purchase you can either order directly with an Isagenix Associate in person, by phone or online. You’ll know you’re dealing directly with a current Isagenix Associate because their ordering website will contain “Isagenix.com.”  My website is www.30daydiet.net.isagenix.com  

When you order Isagenix product from websites like Amazon.com, eBay.com or Google.com there’s no guarantee that you’re getting fresh, or unopened products.  Many will offer what appears to be a bargain, but it could just be someone trying to offload old stock they have had on their shelves.   No Isagenix Associate is ever required to carry a retail inventory, and we have a buy-back program for distributors who no longer wish to pursue a business, yet some people still sell it on these websites and are reported for doing so. To maintain the integrity of Isagenix products and business opportunity, Isagenix expressly prohibits product resale on online shopping platforms. It’s in your best interest to buy the products directly from an Isagenix Associate by calling the toll free number above or using our contact page for more information

What are the benefits of ordering from an Isagenix Associate?

  • When you buy from an Isagenix Associate, you’re building a relationship.  They will become your personal weight loss advisor.  Have a question about the product you ordered, or wonder what products will work best for you, they are there to answer.  They want you to succeed, and tell your friends about your amazing experience.  This is how people find out about Isagenix.  Through word of mouth.   You’ve got a support system already in place. When was the last time an anonymous online seller followed up with you after the sale to make sure you were having a good experience with your order?
  • We have a 30-Day product guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, you may be eligible to return the products for a refund. And, if for some reason, your products are damaged or defective upon arrival, we can replace those products at no charge. This guarantee only applies to orders placed through Isagenix.
  • You have confidence in the product integrity. Your product is shipped directly from an Isagenix distribution center. You can rest assured that it hasn’t been opened or collecting dust in someone’s basement.
  • You can enjoy product discounts, easy monthly Autoship orders and the opportunity to get your products paid for. When you choose to become a member of Isagenix, either as a preferred customer or an Associate, you can take direct control of your product purchasing experience and easily share your product success with others. Our compensation plan is the best in the industry and allows you to do anything from getting your products paid for, to earning a supplemental income, to creating a financial legacy for your family.   Autoship can be cancelled at any time.

Know that when you purchase Isagenix it is backed by their Research and Development team.  It  couldn’t happen without the QRTS department (QRTS stands for Quality, Regulatory, Technology, and Science), which consists of numerous scientists—including nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, chemists, organic chemists, microbiologists, toxicologists, and biologists. Through the collaboration of John Anderson, Isagenix Founder and Product B™ Formula Developer, expertise from health professionals on our Scientific Advisory Board, and esteemed scientists at highly respected universities, we ensure that “real results” are at the heart of every product. – See more at: http://www.30daydiet.net.isagenix.com/en-CA/network-marketing-company/isagenix-science#sthash.fS9PvuRv.dpuf


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Where can you buy Isagenix in Barrie, Collingwood to Alliston and Bradford.

Isagenix sold here

**Warning – do not buy Isagenix on Kijiji, Amazon or Ebay.**   It has come to our attention that there are people selling it online at these websites. You pay more, and you do not get the money back guarantee that Isagenix will give you as well as expert coaching.  When you purchase from a qualified Isagenix consultant, you are guaranteed that your products are not out dated, and come with the money back guarantee.  You also get the services of a free coach to help you with your weight loss goals.  We can also get you in our private Facebook group with over 15,000 people who have used Isagenix successfully.  They will be inspire and encourage you.  There is not other program out there like Isagenix for support, healthy and long lasting results.

If you want the lowest price, and find our main website confusing, please do not hesitate to call our toll free number. We want to save you money but also make sure you get the products that will suit your goals. When you pay for a membership, it means for ONE WHOLE YEAR you will get the lowest price for you and your family who can share your account.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me at the toll free number above.


I loved ordering my Isagenix products from Patsy Copus.  She has encouraged me every day with her lively posts on Facebook.  It is hard to lose baby weight but I know I can do it now.  I am losing weight, gaining energy and feel awesome.  Having a coach is amazing as I can contact her via email, skype or phone.  thank you for everything you do for me every day.
Brandi S  Missouri





What does the 30 day Isagenix program look like?  What can you expect when you get your order.  Watch this great video by Kjersti Cote who is the daughter of the formulator of our amazing whey protein shakes.

If you would like to purchase Isagenix products wholesale or retail in these cities I can help you.  Your products will be shipped to you directly by UPS in 2 business days.