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Molly Sheridan extreme athlete

molly sheridan extreme athlete

About Molly Sheridan extreme athlete

molly sheridan extreme athlete


At 48 years old Molly entered her first marathon. Four weeks into training she injured her foot and was told that she was too old to be running. Taking her own advice, Molly corrected her training, mailed her finish-line picture to the doctor who told her she was old, and decided to challenge herself. As a novice runner, she entered the Rio Del Lago 100-mile Endurance Race. Traversing 100 miles non-stop through northern California, she discovered her love of endurance running, her youthful mind and her adventurous spirit.

In the past 7 years, Molly has run over 45 ultramarathons. In 2009, she completed the extreme running event Marathon Des Sables (MDS), a seven-day, 150-mile stage race across the Sahara Desert. Eight weeks later, Molly completed the 135-mile, non-stop, Badwater Ultramarathon. An invitation-only event, Badwater is considered the toughest footrace on the planet.

Ultramarathon Runner Molly Sheridan just finished La Ultra-The High

Molly is the first American woman to attempt and complete La Ultra-The High ultra-marathon, a 138-mile non-stop footrace in the Himalayas. La Ultra begins at 14,000 feet, with climbs to near 18,000 feet over two passes. The race culminates in the Morey Plains on the border between China and Pakistan. Even though the India Government said it was physically impossible to complete the distance, Molly completed the race August 13, 2011.

Molly has been featured among the “Women Who Move” in Women’s Running magazine; on Adventure Woman Radio, Nevada Public Radio KNPR, The Christian Science Monitor; and in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

There was a lot of excitement with the company that provided Molly with her nutritional needs.  She was the first women to finish this event.  Molly gave credit to the Isagenix products which she depended on for every event she did.  We are one BIG team who help athletes reach their goals and satisfy their nutritional needs.  This event was Molly’s biggest and hardest event ever.

Distance: 222 km (137.64 miles), Highest point: Khardung La at 17,700 ft, Cumulative vertical ascent: 11,000 ft, Cumulative vertical descent: 8,873 ft, Temperatures between 104F (40C) to 21F (-6C), Oxygen content of air at some stages: 40% of what it is sea level, Cut off time: 60 hrs..

Two years later Molly Sheridan extreme athlete did this interview.  To think this woman was told she was too old to run

If you are an extreme athlete and would like more information about the nutrition that Molly Sheridan used for every event, please call the number above or visit our website

improve athletic performance

Improve athletic performance- based on latest studies

The open-access paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal Growth Hormone & IGF Research.  A new study has found that when physically fit men used Isagenix products to boost their protein intake and improve their nutrition when training, they significantly enhanced their muscular power, strength, aerobic performance, and flexibility.

A follow-up to previous research conducted on women by researchers at Skidmore College. Now, there are two studies.

According to the Isagenix Health website, they said:

“Our main objective was to compare the effects of currently recommended protein and nutritional supplement intake versus protein-pacing and nutritional supplementation using Isagenix products in highly trained men (a minimum of more than 30 minutes, four days/week of structured exercise) following the multimode PRISE training program (resistance, interval, stretching, endurance) on health and fitness/physical performance outcomes,” says Dr. Paul Arciero, Director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism Lab.

The design of the study divided 20 regularly physically active males into two groups where one included Isagenix products while the other acted as a control. All participants performed the same exercise routine that consisted of closely supervised and monitored progressive exercise four days a week for 12 weeks.

A carefully constructed exercise program addressed all major areas of fitness including resistance, interval, stretching, and endurance training. Meal plans were identically matched in terms of total calories, meal frequency, timing, and dietary support. By design, the only differences between the two groups were use of Isagenix products and protein intake, specifically:

The Isagenix group consumed Isagenix products and followed a plan that consisted of five to six meals per day while consuming 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight with 20-25 grams per meal. This plan incorporated Isagenix whey-based products IsaPro®, IsaLean® PRO Shake, and IsaLean Bar. On exercise days, the subjects also used e+™, a naturally caffeinated energy shot, and AMPED™ Hydrate, an electrolyte-replenishment beverage, and Ionix® Supreme, an Adaptogen-rich drink. The subjects also supplemented with Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack, a multivitamin/mineral/bioactive pack.
The control group followed a meal plan that included a dietary protein intake consisting of five to six meals per day at 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Their plan used general supermarket products including granola bars and organic milk. On exercise days, the subjects also consumed caffeine from coffee or tea, a general electrolyte beverage, and a multivitamin/mineral supplement.

If you would like more information on how you can improve athletic performance, you can phone the toll free number above or use the buy button now.  Remember, Isagenix offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the products.


Athletes up to the Olympic level trust Isagenix for their nutritional needs and to improve athletic performance

We are looking for Athletes who would like to Join Team Isagenix.  Network with other great athletes like yourself.  Learn more about nutrition and taking your performance to a new level. 


Call the number above to make an appointment to talk about your needs. we have body builders, baseball, NFL, NHL and Olympic athletes including the last photo of the Olympic champion from Australia Natalie Cook

improve athletic performance

Join Team Isagenix


Isagenix offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the products – find out what products will help you with your nutritional needs and improve athletic performance
improve athletic performance

dairy free shakes and protein bars

dairy free shakes and protein bars


Dairy free shakes and protein bars –

Dairy free shakes and protein bars of a good quality are hard to find.  Especially if you are looking for a meal replacement and superior ingredients.


Have you ever bought a dairy free shake or protein bar and it tasted awful? I have and I am sure there are thousands of others.  That is why I tried these shakes and bars at a local event. Being lactose intolerant and in dire need of good protein, these products answered all my prayers. The bars are so handy to carry around, and the shakes come in pre measured packets. They can be blended in a blender bottle or a blender if you have one.

3 Great choices of dairy free bars


Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter
Dairy-Free Chocolate Berry Bliss
Chocolate Coconut Almond

dairy free products for weight loss

Try dairy free bars today


Watch the video about the Isagenix Dairy free shakes and protein bars


WOW, Chia and flaxseeds are just TWO of the healthy ingredients

 Isagenix has launched new Dairy-Free IsaLean Bars, it has answered the prayers of many vegetarians and obviously customers who can not tolerate dairy products.  . After watching the video I am sure you will agree that they are made from the best protein source.

Why did Isagenix create Dairy-free IsaLean Bars?

Isagenix offers a variety of whey-based meal replacement and healthy snack options geared toward creating a healthier lifestyle.   These protein-based meal and snack alternatives contain dairy  Customers kept asking why there wasn’t products that support people who choose to live a vegetarian lifestyle or those with dairy allergies and sensitivities. Dairy-free IsaLean® Bars are meal replacement options containing high-quality, plant-based protein.

dairy free


Why was pea and whole-grain brown rice chosen as the protein source?

Pea and whole-grain rice proteins were a natural choice because they are free of allergens and they provide an excellent amino acid profile. Most plant proteins are ‘incomplete’ – meaning that they do not provide all of the essential amino acids that can only be obtained through diet. By combining pea and whole-grain brown rice proteins, the result was a ‘complete’ protein source that includes all of the essential amino acids. The combination of proteins also provides branched-chain amino acids in amounts very similar to whey protein, which supports muscle-building and maintenance.

Can Dairy-free IsaLean Bars be used on Shake Days as part of a 30-Day System?

Yes. They are no different from the regular shakes and bars.

Are Dairy-free IsaLean Bars suitable to help meet athletes’ protein needs for adequate muscle building and repair?

Yes. Like Dairy-free IsaLean Shakes, Dairy-free IsaLean Bars are also suitable for athletes. In designing the dairy-free line, special attention was given to the amino acid profile and making it as close as possible to the profile of whey protein, which is known for its muscle-supportive properties. When coupled with any strength training regimen, the dairy-free line can help support muscle maintenance.

dairy free gluten free

Dairy free shakes and protein bars – are They soy and gluten free?


Are there any wheat, nut, or soy products used in the manufacturing process of Dairy-free IsaLean Bars?

there is no wheat, nut, or soy products in Dairy-free Chocolate Berry Bliss IsaLean Bar.  However there are  peanuts in Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter IsaLean Bar. Additionally, both flavors are made in a facility that manufactures products that contain wheat, nut, and soy.

Can my children eat the  Dairy-free IsaLean Bars?

Dairy-Free IsaLean Bars are designed for adults. However, children 4 years of age and older can also enjoy them as a snack to complement a healthy diet.

How long can I keep the Bars in storage?

Dairy-free IsaLean Bars have a shelf life of approximately 15 months and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Where can I find the full ingredient lists of each of Dairy-free IsaLean Bars?

If you need a complete list, please do not hesitate to contact me for the link.  As we are sold in many countries the link will be different,

Where can I buy Isagenix dairy free shakes and protein bars?

For the best price and for more information.  Please call our toll free number below.  or 



call toll free Isagenix

I see fit people

workout partner

Secrets of Fit People

I see Fit People of all ages at the gym and often ask myself. . Were they born with great genes or did they have to work hard for it. I know that all of the people in my healthy weight loss program say that these are the things that keep them fit.  These are the tips and secrets of fit people in our Private Facebook group.

Do you want to see the most amazing videos of Pro and amateur athletes, Personal Trainers, Olympic athletes, body builders or Fitness competitors?  Find out what their secrets are, and why they chose these products.


1. They keep a water bottle by their side all the time They know that hydration is key. If you have ever seen that video of a guy who stumbled across the finish line in a triathlon, it was because he was seriously dehydrated If you want to change your water up a bit you can add lemons, limes, a few berries or even cucumber. But for the best hydration most of them use a product called Replenish™/ AMPED™ Hydrate. Here is the quick fact sheet for this product  You will know why more triathlon, marathon and professional athletes use it.

2. When they go to the gym – they go there with a positive mindset.  Think of why you are going there and what your goals are and how awesome you feel when you reach and surpass those goals.  Always remember how great you feel afterwards.  All this amazing endorphins.  Make sure you are keeping hydrated, but also providing your body with some other things it may need during the work out  Amp your work out.  Everything you need prior, during and after your workout.  Your body will thank you.  More energy, more stamina.

3. If you are going to have a protein shake, make sure it is a well balanced non soy product.  Isalean Shakes will give you everything you need.  It is A FULL meal replacement NOT a snack like other shakes.  Read the product information.  Do you want more protein?  Then try the Isalean Pro  Build Lean Muscle.  Watch this amazing video


4. Limit the amount of caffeine you drink or if you need a boost, try the E+ shots.  Try one 15 mins before a work out.  Just enough to give you the boost you need.

e+ is a nutrient-packed, naturally-cafeinated energy shot that gets–and keeps–you active and alert. Infused with a host of healthy ingredients, e+ can fire up your performance without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors found in many other energy drinks.

Unique in its formulation, e+ contains natural caffeine derived from green tea and yerba maté along with a proprietary, scientifically proven adaptogenic botanical blend that increases energy, stamina and mental alertness.* e+ is a healthy and safe way to provide that “get-up-and-go” needed for both the average person and the competitive athlete.

5. Daily exercise is key.  Don’t look at your complete fitness goals.  Take baby steps.  Pat yourself on the back for the small things.  Did extra reps, put in another 10 mins., lost inches.  Never ever compare yourself with anyone else.  You look in the mirror and see this woman beside you and you feel inadequate.  Remember, she started from somewhere, and worked at it every day.

I see fit people

I see fit people

  1. Always keep a log of what you are eating. Finishing off your kids plate, a box of smarties on the way home.  Every calorie counts
  2. Give yourself a treat once a week.  Something decadent.  Not a box of chocolates, but some healthy ones.  I personally love IsaDelights.  Because they are wrapped up and I can just grab one and it satisfies me.  This was voted in our health group as the go to “healthy treat”I normally have it with a Starbucks cappuccino 
  3. Get a work out partner, or someone who will hold you accountable.  You can challenge each other by meeting every day after lunch and get your steps in.  Want lunch on the run?  Why not take a full meal replacement bar with a full 240 calories.  IsaLean bars are amazing and they come in dairy free too  **if you have hesitated in going dairy free you need to start with these bars.  So if you are lactose intolerant, we have a healthy meal for you

workout partner

  •   Change up your routine.  You will get bored.  Try signing up for Yoga, weight training, walking group.  I did a pound class the other day.  It was great, and got me sweating  


  • Read healthy blogs (like this one) and be inspired by others.  Join a healthy Facebook group like the one we are in.  Everyone supports each other.  The real positive side of Facebook is so many liked minded people who come together for a common goal.  Look me up on Facebook @PatsyCopus.  I would love to see more like minded people joining us.  
  • Throw your scale away, or just get someone to hide it.  Use the life scale instead.  Do your clothes feel loose, did you have to tighten up your belt?  When you eat are you filling up faster?  Scales are just a number your friends will notice your weight loss when you have to buy new clothes.  
  • Sleeeeeep.  They emphasize that a lot.  Even batteries need to be recharged and the older you get and the more stress you are under the worse it gets.  We all love the benefits of Ionix, which is an amazing adaptogen with Ashwaganda and an amazing line up of vitamins and minerals in it. Every single man and woman in our private Facebook group uses it.  Some have it with their shakes in the morning, others make a warm tea with it.  My husband went to China and they were asking him all sorts of questions about his mysterious tea.  You need to read the product information about this.  They also use an amazing sleep spray.  Clients rave about the quality of sleep they have since they started using all of the products.


  • Alcohol…I know. You can’t live without your glass of wine with dinner, or drinks with friends after work especially on a Friday night.  But they have all said you can lessen the damage by not drinking sugar laced cocktails, drink wine spritzers, or light beer.   

Join our exclusive (private) Health group on Facebook.  Learn the secrets of fit people from all over the world.

If you want more information about any of the products listed here ~ call the toll free number above, send an email or get access to our amazing Health company.  






Isagenix investigation by doctors

Isagenix investigation by doctors

Medical doctors investigate Isagenix

Medical doctors were questioning their patients when they came for check ups and saw how much weight they had lost and their test results were changing as well. One doctor stood in front of a huge audience and shared his story. Skeptical is putting it mildly. He had to investigate it himself.  Please watch the last video.  Isagenix investigation by doctors.

Want to hear from a panel of experts including Doctors?   You will see Health experts speak out about a peer-reviewed clinical study performed at University of Illinois at Chicago on Isagenix products. Do you know what visceral fat is? You will after watching this video

I never doubted Isagenix products but you will see a lot of people calling Isagenix a scam, not because they used the products, but they like to do reviews based on ignorance.

Medical Doctors like Dr. Messina investigated Isagenix and this is the video that he talks about his skepticism

If you would like more information on how Isagenix products could help you, please visit the 30 Day Diet Isagenix website,  to know more about the isagenix Investigation by doctors, call my personal toll free number or use the contact page.

Isagenix clinical trials commended by doctors

Isagenix clinical trials – the results are in

Dr Nicholas MessinaDr. Messina became a board certified family practitioner in 1985 and is also an established author of several publications in scientific journals. He left research and now does independent consulting for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Originally skeptical of using Isagenix products, he decided to try them in April 2009.  He would not have tried it if it had not been for a patient of his.  When he saw the considerable weight his patient had lost, he thought he would investigate it more.  He now uses Isagenix products to maintain a healthy weight and recommends that other health professionals use them in their practice.  As a result of the video shown below, I have seen an increase of phone calls from medical professionals or patients whose doctors are recommending Isagenix.  Dr. Messina had no role in the planning or implementation of this Isagenix clinical trial, and has only recently evaluated the scientific design based on results published in Nutrition & Metabolism (2012,9:98), and Nutrition Journal (2012,11:98).  He was quoted as saying:  “The findings show that the Isagenix arm displayed greater adherence, 56 percent greater reduction in average weight loss, 47 percent greater reduction in average body fat loss, and twice as much visceral fat loss. The Isagenix arm also had a more pronounced lowering of lipid indicators of cardiovascular risk. These beneficial modulations in cardiovascular risk can be mediated by reductions in visceral fat mass. These results are similar to the results I have been seeing for the past three years with my own patients.



I was the medical director for an independent research facility where I served as the principal investigator on numerous clinical trials sponsored by many of the Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. These trials involved hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, osteoarthritis, depression, and chronic pain among others. I was also the vice-chairman of an IRB, which is an independent ethics review board, where my function was to review pharmaceutical company research protocols, to ensure sound scientific design and human subject safety. It is from this experience that I wish to comment on the recent clinical trial sponsored by Isagenix.

The design was a scientifically sound, randomized, double-arm study, which consisted of two dietary phases. The first phase consisted of a two-week weight maintenance period. The second phase was an eight-week weight loss period. One arm consumed a standard “heart healthy” diet six days a week, plus a fasting day containing a placebo drink. The second arm consumed two liquid meal replacements—IsaLean Shakes—and a 400-to-600 Kcal low-glycemic meal for six days a week, plus a fasting day where the subjects consumed Cleanse for Life. Both arms received nutritional counseling and prescribed caloric intake was similar. The protocol monitored adherence with diets, and maintenance of physical activity habits.

The study was conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This institution has a stellar reputation for conducting research. Dr. Krista Varady, an assistant professor at the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences, led the study. Dr. Varady is an experienced researcher and has over 30 peer-reviewed publications. The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects at University of Illinois at Chicago approved the experimental protocol and all volunteers gave written informed consent to participate.

I often hear disparaging comments concerning sponsor-funded clinical research. The fact of the matter is that over 75 percent of all clinical trials are sponsor funded. If we depended on government funding for all scientific research we would not have the breakthroughs that exist today, and in truth our world would appear very different.

This video was filmed in January 2012.  A once skeptical medical doctor admitted to a very large audience that he wanted to find out that Isagenix was a fraud, but the proof amazed him.

To talk to someone about how Isagenix could help you, please call the toll free number or make an appointment through our contact form.

Source:  Medical Doctor commends Isagenix clinical trials

Image credit:  Isagenix Health

Isagenix science behind the 30 day weight loss program

Isagenix science

Isagenix science

30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning system

The Isagenix company was formed in 2002 combining science with Network Marketing.  A leading formulator needed a way to distribute it and Network Marketing (word of mouth) was chosen as the best way.  Combined with top leaders they produced a line of products like no other.

How is Isagenix different?  They combined a system with “Shake Days” and “Cleanse Days.” The Shake Days replaced two meals a day with shakes, allowing for flexibility on a third meal. The Cleanse Days are one or two days a week of fasting supplemented by a herbal drink, Cleanse for Life, and Isagenix Snacks™ wafers.

It was this Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning system (along with additional supportive products like Natural Accelerator, IsaFlush, and the adaptogenic-drink Ionix Supreme) that propelled the company to new heights in bringing convenient health and weight management to thousands of people.

But potential clients were seeking scientific validation of the system, so the  company has now funded several independent clinical studies performed at colleges and universities. Show this peer reviewed journal to your doctor. We need even more doctors to recommend our product to their patients
weight loss peer reviewed journal

Clinicians including Dennis Harper, DO, and Robert Watine, M.D., are credited with putting Isagenix on the path to clinical research by collecting data on their own patients using the products.

To read more about the science behind the 30 day system, please read Isagenix Health

If you read this Isagenix article you will see that is was compared to the “Heart Healthy Diet” which is the gold standard benchmark.

After a 10 week study, Isagenix turned out to have superior results.  They lost more weight, more total body fat and twice as much visceral fat


Isagenix success stories

For more information, or to order – please call our toll free number or set up a phone appointment

what is Isagenix weight loss

What is Isagenix weight loss?

Doctors and Chiropractors are recommending it.  Doctors, nurses, seniors, athletes are using it.  What is it?

Isagenix is a Nutritional Cleansing program.  What that means is, not only do you lose weight and inches but you do it the healthy way.  Not a fad diet as this company has been around for 12 years.  The great part of the program, is you can do it from home, you can do it if you travel, and you get the most amazing support.  Ever done a weight loss program and had questions and no one there to answer them for you.  Do you use Facebook?  We have an amazing group of private groups for Moms, athletes, Dads, seniors, and even teens.  Weight loss is hard, there is no doubt about it, but if you take some of the guess work out it makes it so much easier.

  • Do you travel?  This program will work for you as we have travel packs
  • Are you more than 100 lbs overweight?  Ask me how more than 400 people have lost more than 100 lbs.
  • Are you an athlete looking to build lean muscle?  Ask me how to do it
  • Just had a baby and want to lose those extra pounds – Ask me how to do it.
  • Do you dread getting on the scales?  Do you hate going to weight loss meetings?

The Isagenix weight loss program works like this:

Isagenix weight loss programYou buy a complete program in a box called the 30 day or we have other programs we can customize to your specific needs.  You are replacing groceries, so the cost of this program is in place of the food you are presently eating (including take out foods which can add up)  One shake for breakfast, another for lunch or dinner and one meal of 400-600 calories.  Then once or twice a week, or nightly you do what is called a cellular cleanse.  It does not involve constant runs to the bathroom.  This works in a completely different way then colon cleanses.  All you do is drink the cleanse in either a liquid form, or buy the powder and mix it with water.  It cleanses body toxins.  You will be pleasantly surprised on how good you feel.  Some common comments from clients have talked about sleeping better, hair is more healthy looking, fuller, thicker, more energy and of course the weight loss.

If you would like more information about Isagenix weight loss, do not hesitate to contact me






the biggest loser Australia

The Biggest Loser Australia

The Biggest Loser in Australia 2014 is now taking applications.  They are taking families.  BUT how heartbreaking is it to not get accepted on the Biggest loser show as a family or for individuals who want a chance

You have tried everything to lose weight, and this TV show gives people hope.  Obesity in Australia is growing, and there is not enough support.  Where do you go if you are NOT accepted on the show??  What if you could find a **private Facebook group ** that is helping thousands.  Do it as a family, start a 30 day challenge at work, learn the secrets to healthy weight loss and how to deal with plateaus.  We do not take applications and no one is refused.  We are all using a very health program and it WORKS.


LOSE 100 lbs

Join our Private 100 lb Club

  • What if there was a healthy weight loss program you could do at home and get amazing results.
  • And lots of Amazing support from people ALL over the world
  • A chance to appear on stage and show off your weight loss
  • Win cash and prizes
  • Gain more energy than you have had in a loooong time

Some of our clients have said:


“I found comfort in food. Pizza and chocolate led to my weight ballooning out of control. I thought to myself I deserve better than this, this can’t be my lot?”

I completed the 30-Day Program and found the weight started to drop off and felt amazing from the inside out! I remember thinking to myself, maybe I can actually get back to my old shape. So I decided to enter the 30 day challenge to keep me accountable and motivated — it was the best decision of my life! I surpassed my goal weight, gained confidence and energy and I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Stop Googling weight loss in Australia.  We are the healthiest weight loss program backed by a 12 year old company with thousands and thousands of testimonials.  Here are just a few people who we feel are the biggest losers in Australia and they were on stage to prove it

In order to be in the challenge you must be using the products that work and given these people amazing results.


Want to set up an appointment to chat, or just send me an email and lets chat.

buy Isagenix – Isagenix consultant

Isagenix sold here



Isagenix is NOT sold in stores. The best place to buy Isagenix is from a qualified consultant.  I have been using Isagenix for 4 years and have helped clients in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.  If you want to buy Isagenix products online, please know that not all online ordering platforms are equal.


Isagenix sold hereIsagenix is a direct sales company, meaning the products are distributed by an independent network of associates.  The 30 day weight loss program, or 9 day programs are not stocked.  In order to purchase you can either order directly with an Isagenix Associate in person, by phone or online. You’ll know you’re dealing directly with a current Isagenix Associate because their ordering website will contain “”  My website is  

When you order Isagenix product from websites like, or there’s no guarantee that you’re getting fresh, or unopened products.  Many will offer what appears to be a bargain, but it could just be someone trying to offload old stock they have had on their shelves.   No Isagenix Associate is ever required to carry a retail inventory, and we have a buy-back program for distributors who no longer wish to pursue a business, yet some people still sell it on these websites and are reported for doing so. To maintain the integrity of Isagenix products and business opportunity, Isagenix expressly prohibits product resale on online shopping platforms. It’s in your best interest to buy the products directly from an Isagenix Associate by calling the toll free number above or using our contact page for more information

What are the benefits of ordering from an Isagenix Associate?

  • When you buy from an Isagenix Associate, you’re building a relationship.  They will become your personal weight loss advisor.  Have a question about the product you ordered, or wonder what products will work best for you, they are there to answer.  They want you to succeed, and tell your friends about your amazing experience.  This is how people find out about Isagenix.  Through word of mouth.   You’ve got a support system already in place. When was the last time an anonymous online seller followed up with you after the sale to make sure you were having a good experience with your order?
  • We have a 30-Day product guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, you may be eligible to return the products for a refund. And, if for some reason, your products are damaged or defective upon arrival, we can replace those products at no charge. This guarantee only applies to orders placed through Isagenix.
  • You have confidence in the product integrity. Your product is shipped directly from an Isagenix distribution center. You can rest assured that it hasn’t been opened or collecting dust in someone’s basement.
  • You can enjoy product discounts, easy monthly Autoship orders and the opportunity to get your products paid for. When you choose to become a member of Isagenix, either as a preferred customer or an Associate, you can take direct control of your product purchasing experience and easily share your product success with others. Our compensation plan is the best in the industry and allows you to do anything from getting your products paid for, to earning a supplemental income, to creating a financial legacy for your family.   Autoship can be cancelled at any time.

Know that when you purchase Isagenix it is backed by their Research and Development team.  It  couldn’t happen without the QRTS department (QRTS stands for Quality, Regulatory, Technology, and Science), which consists of numerous scientists—including nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, chemists, organic chemists, microbiologists, toxicologists, and biologists. Through the collaboration of John Anderson, Isagenix Founder and Product B™ Formula Developer, expertise from health professionals on our Scientific Advisory Board, and esteemed scientists at highly respected universities, we ensure that “real results” are at the heart of every product. – See more at: