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Molly Sheridan extreme athlete

molly sheridan extreme athlete

About Molly Sheridan extreme athlete

molly sheridan extreme athlete


At 48 years old Molly entered her first marathon. Four weeks into training she injured her foot and was told that she was too old to be running. Taking her own advice, Molly corrected her training, mailed her finish-line picture to the doctor who told her she was old, and decided to challenge herself. As a novice runner, she entered the Rio Del Lago 100-mile Endurance Race. Traversing 100 miles non-stop through northern California, she discovered her love of endurance running, her youthful mind and her adventurous spirit.

In the past 7 years, Molly has run over 45 ultramarathons. In 2009, she completed the extreme running event Marathon Des Sables (MDS), a seven-day, 150-mile stage race across the Sahara Desert. Eight weeks later, Molly completed the 135-mile, non-stop, Badwater Ultramarathon. An invitation-only event, Badwater is considered the toughest footrace on the planet.

Ultramarathon Runner Molly Sheridan just finished La Ultra-The High

Molly is the first American woman to attempt and complete La Ultra-The High ultra-marathon, a 138-mile non-stop footrace in the Himalayas. La Ultra begins at 14,000 feet, with climbs to near 18,000 feet over two passes. The race culminates in the Morey Plains on the border between China and Pakistan. Even though the India Government said it was physically impossible to complete the distance, Molly completed the race August 13, 2011.

Molly has been featured among the “Women Who Move” in Women’s Running magazine; on Adventure Woman Radio, Nevada Public Radio KNPR, The Christian Science Monitor; and in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

There was a lot of excitement with the company that provided Molly with her nutritional needs.  She was the first women to finish this event.  Molly gave credit to the Isagenix products which she depended on for every event she did.  We are one BIG team who help athletes reach their goals and satisfy their nutritional needs.  This event was Molly’s biggest and hardest event ever.

Distance: 222 km (137.64 miles), Highest point: Khardung La at 17,700 ft, Cumulative vertical ascent: 11,000 ft, Cumulative vertical descent: 8,873 ft, Temperatures between 104F (40C) to 21F (-6C), Oxygen content of air at some stages: 40% of what it is sea level, Cut off time: 60 hrs..

Two years later Molly Sheridan extreme athlete did this interview.  To think this woman was told she was too old to run

If you are an extreme athlete and would like more information about the nutrition that Molly Sheridan used for every event, please call the number above or visit our website

Isagenix UK | Buy Isagenix products in UK

Isagenix UK | Buy Isagenix products in UK

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How to use Isagenix products ~ review of the 30 day program



Can I buy Isagenix in the UK?


Isagenix UK distributor| How to start

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Isagenix UK distributor where to buy products

Isagenix UK distributor


Isagenix available in UK NOW

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Who uses Isagenix?

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How much weight can you lose with Isagenix UK?

In North America, Australia, New Zealand we have a 100 – 400 lb club.  We can hardly wait for the UK weight loss hall of fame to start.


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Our most popular product pack is the 30 day program.  It will look different than the image below.  But it gives you everything you need for 30 days.

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isagenix UK distributor

Isagenix products 30 day program

How does it work?

You replace TWO MEALS a day with shakes which you only add water to as they are a FULL MEAL REPLACEMENT.

For lunch or dinner you would have a 400-600 calorie meal.  Healthy choice meals

Every day you are going to take the supplement Ionix supreme.  No other product has ingredients as amazing as this one product alone which is only SOLD THROUGH Isagenix.  The Natural Accelerator is taken in the morning and the Isa flush is taken at night.  (the names of these products may change.  Then the best part is the cleanse days which we will include a video about. It is what makes Isagenix so unique and successful for weight loss.

How do I do a 30 day program from an Isagenix UK distributor successfully?

It is better explained in this video:

Why is Isagenix UK different?

Isagenix has chosen to include a cleanse portion of their health program.  Intermittent fasting has been around a long time, but may not always be the healthiest choice.  Isagenix has included their cleansing routine which has a soothing effect with aloe vera and many other key ingredients, and unlike laxatives it does not involve frequent trips to the toilet.  It is not that kind of cleanse.

Cleanse information


Is Isagenix in the UK?