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Peer reviewed studies Nutrition

What are Peer reviewed studies?

peer reviewed studies

Peer Reviewed Studies

peer reviewed studies

In the chaotic world of Health and Wellness, there are many opinions on Obesity, Nutrition, and one thing is constant. The stats are growing and solutions must be found.

I attended a conference and listened to Krista Varady, Ph.D. (Nutrition) who is an assistant professor at the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences.  She was selected to lead a clinical evaluation of Isagenix .  She is a prolific researcher with more than 30 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Varady has devoted much of her research to investigating novel strategies to facilitate weight-management and decreasing cardiovascular disease risk in obese subjects . She is also one of the pioneers in researching alternate-day and intermittent fasting.

The study compared a dietary plan using certain components of an Isagenix weight-loss system to a “heart-healthy” dietary plan based on nationally recognized guidelines  This dietary plan was modified to include intermittent fasting along with supplementation of a flavored drink as a placebo.

The 10-week study evaluated the effects of both dietary plans in combination with intermittent fasting, or “Cleanse Days,” on body weight, body composition, cardiovascular risk factors, oxidative stress markers and inflammation in 54 obese women with a body mass index above 35.

Obesity studies ~ Obesity 2012

Obesity is a complex, multifactorial condition requiring a cross-disciplinary approach to its study. For example, growing evidence suggests that more attention should be placed on visceral obesity because of its unique implications on health.

**credit University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) **

For copies of all studies or for more information regarding Isagenix products.  please contact us

Results of Study

The study found that the subjects in the Isagenix group had superior results across several clinical parameters in comparison to the “heart healthy” group, with respect to adherence, including body composition, body weight, body fat, cardiovascular risk factors, and oxidative stress markers. One of the most impressive results was that of up to double the visceral fat lost along with improved cardiovascular risk markers in the Isagenix group in comparison to the “heart healthy” group.

Isagenix peer reviewed studies

There are now 3 peer reviewed studies for Isagenix.

Isagenix attracts the top people in their field.  Their Scientific Board now includes Dr. Michael Colgan  and

Dr. Dennis Harper

Dr. Harper has been in general medical practice for 20 years and was instrumental in getting the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) implemented in 1994. Dr. Harper is a voting member of the American Osteopathic Association, President of Physicians for Progressive Medicine, Chairman for the licensing board for the state of Utah and a Fellow for the Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Harper is the author of “Cleansing for Life: Nature’s Best Kept Health Secret.”
Dr. Harper turned to investigate and implement into his practice natural alternative methodologies to addressing health and wellness for his patients 18 years ago. He is a pioneer among traditionally trained doctors marrying the best of both worlds, traditional medical practices and natural “alternative” approaches.


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Intermittent fasting or cleansing Isagenix

Intermittent fasting or cleansing

Intermittent fasting or cleansing

intermittent fastingIntermittent fasting or cleansing is a question we get asked very frequently.   The photos you will see in this post use a cleansing program which uses an intermittent fasting protocol.  I will explain the program used for the people in all of these photos.  There are thousands more testimonials from people who have lost 10 lbs up to 400 lbs.

Intermittent Fasting or Cleansing variations

The first form of intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting (ADF), is a 24-hour fast followed by a 24-hour non-fasting period.  Another way is to choose fasting 23 hours with one meal per day.

With some fasting they allow the consumption of a limited amount of low-calorie beverages such as coffee or tea.  Isagenix offers a healthy coffee

Modified fasting involves limiting caloric intake (e.g., 20% of normal) on fasting days rather than none at all which is a popular method.

Various ratios such as 5:2 diet are seen in a variety of websites and groups on the Internet.  It consists of  two non consecutive days per week and consumed 400-500 calories (women) or 500-600 calories (men) during the fasting.

intermittent fasting

Why has the Isagenix program become so popular?

Isagenix cleanseNot many programs have peer reviewed studies to prove they have a superior program.  It was done with the collaboration of Skidmore College, the results were astounding.  It was published in Nutrition Journal and Nutrition and Metabolism and it enforced

The study serves as clinical substantiation for Isagenix systems for healthy weight loss and also adds to advance our understanding of the relationship between diet, nutrition and health.

Isagenix Research and Development team devotes time to communicating new scientific developments to Isagenix Associates through events, podcasts, and articles found through their personal websites.  If you would like more information or links to these articles, please contact me at the toll free number above.  If you would like to join a great team of educators I would love to hear from you.

With the Isagenix program you can do a 30 day detox.  The video below explains what a cleanse day would be like.  Too many people think of cleansing as frequent trips to the washroom.  This video should clear up the misconceptions.


Another good reason for cleansing or Intermittent Fasting is not something that people talk about, but should be aware.  This video will explain it better

Incorporating healthier food into a cleansing or intermittent fasting program is very important.  That is why Isagenix offers healthy protein shakes and vitamins that are lacking in your diet.  So when you do an intermittent fasting, on your eating days you are getting the best nutrition.  Studies are showing that we are losing all the vitamins and minerals we once had in our vegetables because of over farming, chemicals etc.


Look at the health food aisles in your grocery store, which will give you an idea of just how many people are turning to healthier alternatives.  Isagenix offers a complete 30 day program which includes a dairy free, gluten free options.  The best part is the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the products. There are also local events where you can try the products.

intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting in the News

Millions of people can attest to the benefits of cleansing/fasting from the USA, Canada, Australia who are using the Isagenix 30 day program. The links below are from a variety of sources on the subject of Intermittent Fasting and Cleansing:

Lose fat, burn fat, is an Australian website.  Promoting good health just like the Isagenix program

Another great post from an individual who lost weight and felt great.

Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute researchers have conducted observational intermittent fasting studies over the last decade, examining the effect of fasting for lower risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes among people who fast routinely for decades for religious or other purposes.

Dr. Lee Evslin is a retired physician. He has lived and practiced on Kauai since 1979. He also served as the CEO of Kauai Medical Clinic and Wilcox Hospital.. He wrote a column on short-term, intermittent fasting becoming the new fad for weight loss.

CNN did a great article on Intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting or cleansing


Isagenix UK distributor| How to start

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Isagenix UK distributor where to buy products

Isagenix UK distributor


Isagenix available in UK NOW

Order Isagenix now.   We are asking all customers who are interested in buying Isagenix, to register at our UK website in preparation for when the products will be available.  If you are interested in more information regarding the products please contact me through our contact form  Order from qualified consultants.


Who uses Isagenix?

Isagenix UK Distributor

Well, me for a start.  Just a Mother/Grandmother who was tired of being FAT.  Someone who needed to find a health way to lose weight and then found out that Isagenix rewards people  for simply telling others and showing them how to lose weight


 My clients have included Olympic athletes, soccer players, hockey players and people just like you who want to be rewarded for sharing products with their friends, family or clients.

How much weight can you lose with Isagenix UK?

In North America, Australia, New Zealand we have a 100 – 400 lb club.  We can hardly wait for the UK weight loss hall of fame to start.


Watch this video and listen to their stories.  You could be the next person on their wall of weight loss fame at Isagenix with the help of our cleanse coach.


Isagenix distributor ~ England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Our most popular product pack is the 30 day program.  It will look different than the image below.  But it gives you everything you need for 30 days.

It includes:

isagenix UK distributor

Isagenix products 30 day program

How does it work?

You replace TWO MEALS a day with shakes which you only add water to as they are a FULL MEAL REPLACEMENT.

For lunch or dinner you would have a 400-600 calorie meal.  Healthy choice meals

Every day you are going to take the supplement Ionix supreme.  No other product has ingredients as amazing as this one product alone which is only SOLD THROUGH Isagenix.  The Natural Accelerator is taken in the morning and the Isa flush is taken at night.  (the names of these products may change.  Then the best part is the cleanse days which we will include a video about. It is what makes Isagenix so unique and successful for weight loss.

How do I do a 30 day program from an Isagenix UK distributor successfully?

It is better explained in this video:

Why is Isagenix UK different?

Isagenix has chosen to include a cleanse portion of their health program.  Intermittent fasting has been around a long time, but may not always be the healthiest choice.  Isagenix has included their cleansing routine which has a soothing effect with aloe vera and many other key ingredients, and unlike laxatives it does not involve frequent trips to the toilet.  It is not that kind of cleanse.

Cleanse information


Is Isagenix in the UK?