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Isagenix product review

Isagenix product review

Isagenix Product review


Isagenix Product review of the complete range of products for health, energy, weight loss, healthy snacking and so much more. This is not a complete Isagenix product review. Please contact us for the complete catalogue including our allergen table. Isagenix offers gluten free, egg free, wheat free, dairy free products.  Please phone or contact us for more information regarding any products.


Isagenix product review


 Isagenixproduct review for the 30 day program

is a complete meal replacement program forlong term weight loss.  Lose 20 up to 400 lbs.  Our testimonial /success story page shows some of the people who have lost 100-300 lbs.  Order a 30 day box which gives you everything you need for 30 days.  Choose the flavour of shake.  Dairy free available, athletes pack in canister or convenient packagesTo get the best price (wholesale) contact the toll free number above, or click on more info and choose wholesale in the order process

Isagenix product review

 Isagenix product review for Ionix supreme

Dr. John Anderson (world renown formulator) formulated this product back in 2002 and was the flagship product for Isagenix.  Ionix Supreme is a liquid dietary supplement that includes over 100 vitamins, minerals and herbs. This once to twice daily energy drink can be taken alone or as part of Isagenix’s 9-Day or 30-Day Weight Loss Program. Ionix Supreme can also be purchased in powder form and mixed with water to create the liquid supplement when you are away from home.
Adaptogenic Herbs

Ionix Supreme contains nine adaptogenic herbs, a class of herbs that help your body adapt to stressful situations that can initiate depression, high blood pressure, premature aging and weight gain. Adaptogenic herbs provide your body with the appropriate tools that it needs to regain balance after you experience a sudden shift in either stress-induced under-activity or over-activity. According to Dr. Edward C. Wallace, adaptogenic herbs accomplish this by revitalizing your adrenal glands, one of your body’s defense mechanisms for responding to stress and emotional shifts.

The nine Ionix Supreme adaptogenic herbs are ashwaganda root, schizandra extract, tribula terrestris extract, Siberian golden root, Siberian ginseng, rhododendron caucasicum, maca extract, Nepali shilajit and wolfberry extract.  Where else can you buy ONE product that has so many vital herbs

Isagenix product review for IsaLean Shake Dairy-Free

is a nutrient-packed meal replacement that delivers quality dairy-free, plant-based protein, energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats, and filling fiber you need to maintain good health.

Complete meal replacement at only 250 calories
22 grams or more of protein per serving
High-quality protein in the right amount to support lean muscle growth


product review for Isagenix Whey Thins™

They are a  savory and delicious protein-packed snacks in convenient, 100-calorie individual packs. Convenient, calorie controlled snack that will help you when you are out shopping.  It helps to carry a healthy snack addition to satisfying cravings without loading the calories, every Whey Thins serving helps support weight loss and maintain muscle mass because they are loaded with a combination of high-quality protein, good fats, and carbohydrates.10 grams of high-quality protein and 100 calories per serving
Individually packaged servings are quick and easy on the go
Now gluten-free

Isagenix Joint and Pain Relief System
Isagenix product review for Isagenix Joint and Pain relief System

The #1 Best seller and highly recommended. Seniors and athletes use this system daily.  Use the cream for instant relief and the pills daily.  Testimonials from athletes pour in for this ONE system.   Feel the relief from Isagenix Pain Relief Cream at the first throb of pain that is immediate and gives ong-lasting relief. Then, use triple-action Isagenix Joint Support™ to soothe joint flare-ups and protect and rejuvenate overworked cartilage.*

Isagenix Pain Relief™ Cream combines natural menthol and methyl salicylate to provide cooling and immediate relief followed by deeper heat that helps relax sore, tense muscles.

Isagenix Joint Support™ provides advanced triple action support through natural nutrients as well as comforting botanicals to help soothe joint flare-ups while it works to strengthen cartilage.

*** Cream recommended for immediate pain relief
**** Tablets support joint health when taken daily

Watch the following videos for more information:

Isagenix Joint and Pain Relief System

Isagenix 30 day program

30 day weight loss program

30 day weight loss program

30 day weight loss program

Everyone knows that it takes at least 30 days to change the way you eat, and to stick with it. When I was looking for a 30 day weight loss program I had a big list to check off. It had to be:

  •  Healthy
  • Easy to do
  • Did not have to weigh and measure everything
  • Lots of support from the program.  Meet people who had used the program.  
  • To be able to Ask questions and see before and after photos.  Also find out if they had support to keep the weight off 


I did not have to look far as I met someone who had tried an amazing program called Isagenix.  He showed me a book with lots of testimonials and before and after photos.  But that was not enough.  I had to see videos too.  This is one of those videos that inspired me the most.  I love how they say the “Weight is Over”




 I did not need to lose 100 lbs but knowing that it worked for people who were 400 lbs overweight I knew it would work for me.  It provided me with healthy products, packed with vitamins and minerals that my body was obviously missing.  I felt full, a renewed energy flowing back in my body and I felt younger.


 I joined a 30 day weight loss challenge that is held  every 16 weeks and loved it as it kept me accountable.  This video shows some of the people who used the 30 day diet plan.  Real people like you who were fed up with being overweight and needed to be held accountable.  The prizes were very attractive as well.  Who wouldn’t want to win cash, trips and other prizes. 

This is the 30 day program that I tried over six years ago now and I still use the products  today for the health benefits.  Seriously, the only way you will find out just how good it is, is to see how many of your friends that are using it successfully and the people in this video.



This all happened in 2010 and I loved the products so much I told my friends, my husbands friends, the neighbour, the day care and now you are reading this blog as I made it to encourage people like you to join me  Buy from this site and you automatically get me as a coach and mentor.

Call the toll free number above and lets get started.  I can hardly wait to hear your testimonial after just 1 month of this 30 day weight loss program

Or you can click the link below.  But make sure you click on buy and save as you will save over a hundred dollars on some programs

I look forward to helping YOU lose weight with the Isagenix 30 day program.  ** Please note we ALSO have dairy free shakes and dairy free bars**


30 day weight loss program

Just give it 30 days









the biggest loser Australia

The Biggest Loser Australia

The Biggest Loser in Australia 2014 is now taking applications.  They are taking families.  BUT how heartbreaking is it to not get accepted on the Biggest loser show as a family or for individuals who want a chance

You have tried everything to lose weight, and this TV show gives people hope.  Obesity in Australia is growing, and there is not enough support.  Where do you go if you are NOT accepted on the show??  What if you could find a **private Facebook group ** that is helping thousands.  Do it as a family, start a 30 day challenge at work, learn the secrets to healthy weight loss and how to deal with plateaus.  We do not take applications and no one is refused.  We are all using a very health program and it WORKS.


LOSE 100 lbs

Join our Private 100 lb Club

  • What if there was a healthy weight loss program you could do at home and get amazing results.
  • And lots of Amazing support from people ALL over the world
  • A chance to appear on stage and show off your weight loss
  • Win cash and prizes
  • Gain more energy than you have had in a loooong time

Some of our clients have said:


“I found comfort in food. Pizza and chocolate led to my weight ballooning out of control. I thought to myself I deserve better than this, this can’t be my lot?”

I completed the 30-Day Program and found the weight started to drop off and felt amazing from the inside out! I remember thinking to myself, maybe I can actually get back to my old shape. So I decided to enter the 30 day challenge to keep me accountable and motivated — it was the best decision of my life! I surpassed my goal weight, gained confidence and energy and I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Stop Googling weight loss in Australia.  We are the healthiest weight loss program backed by a 12 year old company with thousands and thousands of testimonials.  Here are just a few people who we feel are the biggest losers in Australia and they were on stage to prove it

In order to be in the challenge you must be using the products that work and given these people amazing results.


Want to set up an appointment to chat, or just send me an email and lets chat.

Isagenix in USA where can I buy in Minnesota

With over 15,000 people in every city and town of Minnesota, we have people contacting us every day about Isagenix.  It is the healthiest weight loss program and not a fad.  Isagenix was formed 10 years ago and has the leading doctors and nutritionists who keep making it better every day.  We have thousands of testimonials here on our website.  We have over 15,000 Facebook people in just ONE of our private groups who help others as they are also on their weight loss journey.  Want to know what our clients in Minnesota say?  Join us on Facebook today


To order

Please scroll to the bottom of this page

Do not buy Isagenix from anyone but a qualified consultant like myself.  It has been seen sold on Kijiji and Amazon.  You do not have a guarantee if you buy from these places and you will also not have the free coaching you get when you order through a consultant.  We are here to help you reach your weight loss goals, answer all your questions and help you when you hit plateaus.  Please watch the videos below about one of our programs, the 30 day program.  Also the video of people who have lost 100-400 lbs using Isagenix.


Watch this video and see what a 30 day Isagenix program looks like

If you are an athlete, find out what other athletes are using to improve their performance.




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