How to order Isagenix at wholesale prices

Many people get very confused when they get to the website. They want the best price, but they click on the blue buy now button.  I will explain the difference and how you can get the same prices as I do.

sign up and save

Save money on Isagenix with


Once you click on the signup and save button you will get to this screen which shows all the countries that Isagenix is available in.  Click on the flag for your country.  If your country is not listed, it is not available there (yet)  Isagenix is expanding all the time.  Please contact me for more information.


Isagenix countries

Save money with Isagenix on

The next step is when most people get confused, so I want to explain it to you as this is the step where you will SAVE MONEY


save money with Isagenix

Save money with

This page is asking if you want to pay for a wholesale membership for Isagenix so that you get the lowest price (annual fee $29.00) it is like a Costco or Sam’s club membership

The rest of the information is ONLY for people interested in the business side of Isagenix.  It is an OPTION to do the business.  You can just be a Product User, have your own website which makes it easier for you to make changes to your order, and to have access to the price lists, and all the product information, ingredients etc.  So product users and potential business owners see the same information.

The one exception is the “Get scheduled delivery of your favorite products, paks and systems.”  What this means, is that most people do not just do a program for one month.  They are starting on a healthy lifestyle journey, which means you will probably want to get products on a regular basis.  You are in charge and can chose what you want to order and when, and if you do not want to have the autoship option, you can call and cancel it.  Many of my clients have over 20 lbs up to 200 lbs to lose and that means a health commitment and they do not want to run out of products.  That is why we have the autoship option.

If you want the wholesale price with autoship you will select the green continue button

This page just tells you who will be your personal Health Coach, and you sign up with a username and password which gives you access to your own Isagenix website where you can customize your orders

Usernames are important.  If you have a common name you will find that it is probably already taken.  If your Carrie Smith, try SmithCarrie.  Or if you are thinking of using the products and selling them too, this would be a good time to come up with a business name.  If the name is not taken, it is yours.  The rest of the information on this page is self explanatory until you get to the payment page.  When you enter your credit card information into the secure server, you will be directed to another page when it comes time to type in your CVV (3 digit code from the back of your card)

Isagenix new member


The order pages will look similar to this if you are ordering a 30 day system

30 day program

At this point you will be asked to choose the shakes you want.  We have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Dairy Free and Black Sesame.  You can choose one of each or 2 of chocolate and 2 vanilla if you want.  You will be asked if you want a canister as shown in the photo, or individual packets (great for travel and going to the gym) .  Cleanse for Life is available in liquid or powder it depends on your preference.  ****Ionix supreme **** this is an amazing supplement, but the liquid form is an acquired taste.  If you like the taste of black strap molasses then choose the liquid.  If not I would highly recommend the powder.  You can buy it in a canister, individual packets for when your travelling or liquid.  The only other thing you will have to choose is the Isa Snacks which are chocolate, vanilla or natural wild berry.  I think the wild berry taste a little like Sweet Tarts if you remember them.

After you have filled this out, you will be sent to the autoship area where you can place your order for next month.  If your not sure, just add 4 shakes or Ionix.  You can make changes to your order up to 5 days before your next shipment.  We realize that you need to see how good the products are before you make a final decision of what you want next month.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS on how to order Isagenix, or want more information,  Please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am here to help you.