You may have seen the Dr. Oz show about meal replacement shakes


Dr. Oz says that the right meal replacement shakes can:

  • Boost your metabolic rate by 25%.
  • Save calories by avoiding fatty foods (if you drink a shake for breakfast, you can save an average of 400 calories per day).
  • Keep your blood sugar levels balanced, allowing your body to burn stored fat as fuel.
  • Increase your energy levels, which enables you to increase your activity and automatically burn more calories.

Why do meal replacements or protein shakes work?  It is a great weight loss plan.   If you normally have a 750-calorie bagel for instance, and replace it with a 250 calorie meal replacement shake then you will start seeing results.  Meal replacement shakes from Isagenix, not only replace the calories but they also provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals that you would not normally get in a breakfast bagel.  People will ask, will I have to drink shakes all my life?  Of course not, but you would not go back to eating a 750 calorie bagel either.  We show you how to MAINTAIN your WEIGHT.


Another benefit to meal replacement shakes

You do not have to plan your meals or buy expensive products.  The Isagenix 30 day program gives you everything you need for 30 days.  Here is a video on just how easy it is to make an Isagenix meal replacement shake.


Save time – this weight loss plan is fast to prepare.  It takes less time then making perc  coffee and make toast, PLUS if you are busy you can grab your shake and drink it in the car or on the way to work.  If your going to the gym, buy the handy shaker bottle and take it with you.  Use the container later to put your water and Energenix  in it.  Energenix is a powder that comes in three flavours.  Add it to your water during work outs as it will re hydrate you!  Want to hear one of the leading experts on Nutrition and vitamins?   Michael Colgan, Ph.D, C.C.N., Internationally renowned research scientist, discusses the importance of the Isagenix System, including: cleansing, whey protein, adaptogens and essential nutrients.


Watch this video ONLY if you are serious about LOSING WEIGHT

this man is 72 years old!!





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