Isagenix scam?

Isagenix scam

Facts about Isagenix scam


Isagenix scam

Before you use any Product or use someones services you do a Search:  But searches on the Internet can lead you to websites that have biased opinions.  Just like the Media.  So, the best thing you can do is to read Scientific proof.  Not hearsay, not me telling you how amazing it is, how great the products taste, how they have changed my life.  You do not know me (yet) 

So let’s start with FACTS:  The first thing I would do is find out if their intention is to sell you another product.  Secondly, see if they have actually tried the products (for more than a month).  If they are a nutritionist, find out if their opinion is based on a 1 year Nutritional certificate or based on published peer reviewed reports in Nutritional journals.  If they do not know about them I would ask them why?

Who will you TRUST? 

Isagenix has a panel of elite medical professionals.  Dr. John Anderson is one of the top formulators of health and wellness supplements in the world.  He started Isagenix with the Coovers in 2002.  Since then they have been joined by leading nutritionists Dr. Michael Colgan.  The company has expanded into 12 different countries and passed very stringent rules to open in those countries.  Isagenix UK is launching in 2017

The only people who can sell Isagenix are customers themselves.  They are proof that it works.  Isagenix chose to sell their products through an International group of people through a Network Marketing program.

Who would you trust to buy from?

  • Would you buy a health product that was advertised on TV by a celebrity?  They are paid to promote products.
  • Isagenix representatives are compensated for selling a product they use every day.  When was the last time your hairdresser, your favourite restaurant or your mechanic ever rewarded you for sending them business.  If you are happy about a product or service you want to share it.  THIS is the genuine Network Marketing model.  You use it, you tell your hairdresser who tells her Mom who tells her Boss.  More people find out about the products because they are being shared by Happy Customers

network marketing


Happy customers line up to be featured in some of the videos that Isagenix makes.  People who have lost 100-400 lbs like this group.  One of their friends got amazing results and shared their story.

How many people can relate to the video below.  I lost my Mother due to obesity.  If I had known about these products I know she would be here now…enjoying her 3 great grand children.  I love the name of this video.  I remember when I started in 2010 and said “Today is the day”






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