Isagenix questions sent in by customers

Isagenix questions

Every day I get emails asking about Isagenix products and the ingredients in Isagenix.  There is a lot of articles written but it is important to get the facts.

Why isn’t Isagenix sold in stores?

Isagenix chose to sell their products through independent consultants.  Every consultant MUST be using the products in order to sell it.  Many of the consultants have been recommending Isagenix from the beginning in 2002.  When you call a consultant you will get professional advice from someone who is using the products. If it was sold in stores, you would not get the professional advice you need to get the BEST results.



Why can’t I buy Isagenix products locally from a consultant?

Isagenix consultants do not stock products.  Your products are shipped directly from the warehouses to your door.  Isagenix wants to make sure that you are always getting fresh dated products.  From a consultants perspective, they are independent business owners and they do not want the high cost of stocking products in their house.  They take the order from you and make sure your order is processed.  They will then keep in touch and coach you to reach your goals.  You would not get that kind of service in a store.


I don’t know what option to choose when I order from your website.  I want the best price.  Can you advise please?

Many customers find this confusing.  If you click on the buy and save button it is the best option.  You will be asked to pay a fee of $29.00 for a wholesale membership (just like Costco)  This option includes autoship.  What is autoship?  Most people when they join, they want to get products every month.  They will change their order every month, and try new products.  When you sign up you will fill in your next months order.  ****You are not locked into this autoship option ****  You can call and cancel at any time.  The purpose of autoship is so that you never run out.  If it is a long weekend, you could wait 4-5 days and be without products in that time.  I personally love autoship and change it every single month.  Just think of it as your monthly grocery shopping that is delivered to your door and you can customize it to what you want.


Why are the prices in US Dollars and sold in Canada?

Isagenix chose to sell their products in US Dollars.  There really has not been an issue until recently with the high exchange rate.  When they first opened 10 years ago in Canada they opened warehouses here so we did not have to pay for duty and we got our products faster.  Now we just pay the appropriate taxes and shipping by UPS based on weight.  As of 2014/2015 the exchange rate has been considerable.  Isagenix is trying to find a way to make it easier for Canadian customers. I will post an answer here once I have one.  In the meantime, I have not cancelled my orders as I can not find the same products, or quality of products anywhere else

Is there Canola oil in the the products:

There are several articles on the Internet that say that Isagenix uses GMO Canola oil.

The facts are:   Canola oil is not a product from genetic modification, but one that was developed in the 1970s using traditional plant breeding techniques, as detailed on the website: It is a source of essential omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is important to have a balance of both of these fatty acids for optimal health. These are no way a source of partially hydrogenated oils and in no way are either of these oils a cause of inflammation. On the contrary, they are essential and needed for managing a healthy response to inflammation. Isagenix only uses GM-free Canola oil and lecithin.

Source: Isagenix Health

Is Agave syrup and fructose in your products unhealthy?

Fructose is a natural fruit sugar that has been much maligned in the media in recent years. However, it is only in high amounts where fructose, or any other source of carbohydrate, would end up leading to weight gain. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that fructose in normal amounts found in fruits can actually improve blood sugar control. It’s also slightly sweeter than glucose leading to consumption of less sugars overall. It is also low glycemic, meaning it support healthy blood sugar control.

Source:  Isagenix Health

Questions regarding the quality of products I refer clients to this page: Isagenix Quality Assurance

Should I see a doctor before I start the program?

It is always advised that you tell your Doctor you are starting a healthy weight loss program.  If you have specific health conditions that need to be monitored, you need to work with your Doctor. More medical doctors are recommending Isagenix as a safe and healthy way to lose weight.  As they learn more about the program, they tell their patients to find a local consultant and speak with them.  Again, if you have an ongoing medical problem, you need to work with your Doctor.

Are there side effects to the products?

Isagenix is food.  The shakes are high quality whey protein with added vitamins and minerals.  Most people have a coffee and toast, or cereal in the morning.  I ask all clients to look at the ingredients on the shakes alone to see if they are getting that kind of protein and vitamins every morning.  The Ionix supreme is a supplement used in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  Ionix Supreme contains plant- based Adaptogens like schizandra, rhodiola, rhodendron, ashwagandha, macaroot and wolfberry. Adaptogens have been used for centuries to improve health and help the body combat periods of stress.  The question you should ask, is what side effects are you experiencing with the food you are eating now.  Bloated stomach, lack of energy, sluggishness, not able to sleep well.  I ask every single customer to check their fridge and freezer and look at the ingredients in the food they are eating now.  Try the products for a couple of weeks avoiding products from their fridge or freezer that have a lot of additives and see the difference.

My friends tell me all I need to do is eat REAL FOOD to lose weight.

When you are on the Isagenix program, you do eat real food.  You eat 400-600 calories of real food.  Lean meats, fresh vegetables, healthy food choices on smaller plates.  I consider the shakes to be real food as well.  Just compare the ingredients of the shakes to what your presently using.  I think the results that customers are getting, from losing 10 lbs up to 400 lbs is testimony that the products work.  And they have kept the weight off as well.

Is Isagenix a fad diet?

Fads come and go.  Isagenix has offered their healthy weight loss program since 2002.  Every single testimony you read is life changing.  Some people were considering weight loss surgery, and chose isagenix instead.  Medical doctors are not recommending it as a healthy weight loss program.  Isagenix is not a fad, it is more a revolution.  People are sick and tired of unhealthy, overhyped weight loss pills and programs with no lasting results.  Check the weight loss testimonials in this video and see for yourself.  I have met many of them, and their stories are real.

I have read a lot of negative things on the Internet about Isagenix.

If you research any company, product or service you will read something negative about it.  A lot of people criticize Isagenix because of the way it is sold.  Yes it is sold through the MLM (multi level marketing) system.  Does that mean the product is not good?  People buy Avon out of a catalogue and independent salespeople, Epicure is a very large healthy spice and kitchen ware company, it is only sold through MLM.  (I love them as they are low or no sodium)  Cars can be sold privately or through a car lot.  Houses can be sold privately or through Real Estate.  The formulator of Isagenix did not have the know how or the vehicle to get the products to millions of people.  He partnered with Jim and Kathy Coover who did have the expertise in MLM and that is why it is sold that way.  I do not feel it is a good argument to say that the only reason you should not buy it, is because of the way it is sold.  There are also arguments from Raw Foodies, RD, and even Registered Nutritionists who do not agree with the program, but only because it is of their opinion that we should only eat “real food”.  Weight Watchers is a popular company that offers weight loss programs.  You are limited to a certain number of points, and you include their frozen chocolate cakes or deserts, frozen pizzas and meals.  Is this better than “real food”

In my opinion, you need to find what works for you.  You are reading this because you have met someone who is raving about Isagenix and your still not sure.  You love the results they are getting, but not sure you will get the same results.

The only way you can FAIL is to QUIT and that goes for everything in life.  Start a healthy lifestyle, and make it a permanent part of your life.  Life is not about quantity of life, it is about quality of life.  I want to be the old girl on roller blades in a nursing home yelling at people to get out of the way.

Let me know how I can help.  No high powered sales pitch.  Just the facts


Isagenix disclaimer Isagenix products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.