Its that time again – Egg nog – Try a Low Calorie Egg nog shake

I drink protein shakes every day and this time of year the most popular one is an Egg Nog version. When I saw the calories for the McDonalds shakes I nearly died.  420 calories!!  It is so great to know that there is a low calorie egg nog shake with protein in it.

low calorie egg nog shake

Then today I saw the announcement that Isagenix launched their seasonal Egg nog protein shake


egg nog shake

Egg nog is one of those love it or hate it drinks, but I can tell you when Isagenix announces their seasonal shakes THEY GO FAST.  A much healthier alternative to McDonalds with a whopping 420 calories and all that fat.  So with this version you are actually drinking a meal replacement.  It is filling and helps your craving for Egg Nog.


egg nog shakes

If you want to buy any of the these products, call the TOLL FREE number above or click on buy now.  Other great ideas using Isagenix products during Christmas and New Years can be found on IsaFYI.  Skip: Triple Caramel Macchiato With Extra Whip….. Substitute: Coffee Banana Protein Shake and other great ideas.


egg nog Isagenix