AMPED products Isagenix

You went to the gym and noticed a lot of other fitness pros and professional athletes are using the AMPED line of products from Isagenix. What product will be good for you.
AMPED products Isagenix


The easily digestible gel delivers ready-to- use energy and features branched-chain amino acids. AMPED Fuel is a perfect, transportable option for people on the go that helps energize muscles for greater endurance. Refuel during intense activity with the right balance of fast-acting carbohydrates from apple puree, agave, and molasses.† No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.




AMPED Fuel contains 22 grams of energy-fueling carbohydrates in an ideal combination to optimally refuel muscles during activity and maximize energy and performance. AMPED Fuel is not just a carb gel, but also features branched-chain amino acids to help reduce muscle breakdown and speed recovery.

The effectiveness of AMPED products depends on nutritional timing—when you take each product throughout your workout. There are three windows, pre-, mid-, and post- workout, where these products are designed to help deliver results


AMPED products

The Amped Products

  • Amped Recover
  • Amped NOx
  • Replenish/AMPED Hydrate
  • AMPED power
  • AMPED fuel
  • Isalean Pro
  • IsaPro Whey Protein

Watch these videos and see for yourself how the AMPED line can HELP YOU


Amped Products Isagenix video


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