Medical doctors investigate Isagenix

Medical doctors were questioning their patients when they came for check ups and saw how much weight they had lost and their test results were changing as well. One doctor stood in front of a huge audience and shared his story. Skeptical is putting it mildly. He had to investigate it himself.  Please watch the last video.  Isagenix investigation by doctors.

Want to hear from a panel of experts including Doctors?   You will see Health experts speak out about a peer-reviewed clinical study performed at University of Illinois at Chicago on Isagenix products. Do you know what visceral fat is? You will after watching this video

I never doubted Isagenix products but you will see a lot of people calling Isagenix a scam, not because they used the products, but they like to do reviews based on ignorance.

Medical Doctors like Dr. Messina investigated Isagenix and this is the video that he talks about his skepticism

If you would like more information on how Isagenix products could help you, please visit the 30 Day Diet Isagenix website,  to know more about the isagenix Investigation by doctors, call my personal toll free number or use the contact page.

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