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If you work at a hospital, real estate agent, chiropractor, dentist you will have heard about the amazing results using products made by Isagenix. Doctors are recommending their patients to Isagenix consultants as they are seeing great results themselves or seen other patients who have lost weight, or regained their health. Every day a nurse from one of the top hospitals in Canada calls to ask for more information. New Moms who want to lose extra baby weight, seniors, athletes right up to the Olympic level are just some of our clients.

Why Isagenix? There are actually 8 good reasons why you should choose Isagenix products


1) The best Scientists Research and Select all Raw Materials for Isagenix products
The process begins by partnering with Isagenix co-founder and Master Formulator John Anderson, our Scientific Advisory Board, and respected universities. Over 30 scientists will review scientific literature to find ingredients and dosages that are safe and support health.  How many other companies have this expertise at hand working for you to produce a superior product?

2) Isagenix Identifies Sustainable Suppliers
Isagenix identifies sustainable suppliers who produce fresh ingredients that are grown and produced by nature and meet specifications for efficacy.   They are sourced from all parts of the world.

3) Isagenix Qualifies Manufacturers
Isagenix qualifies manufacturers by performing extensive audits and relies on independent audits to ensure quality control and safety.  Quality is the most important element in any product, especially when it is a food or supplement.

4) Isagenix Qualifies Ingredients
All ingredients must meet or exceed cGMPs — or current Good Manufacturing Practices.  Check what your eating now to see if it matches the quality.

5) Testing of Raw Materials
While in quarantine, raw materials are tested for:
• Identity
• Purity — including testing for microbial activity, pesticides, and heavy metals
• Potency strength
• Organoleptic properties — Taste, color, odor and texture

Only the best is used in Isagenix products

6) Commercial Production

7) Quality and Compliance

• Supervising the testing methodologies used by manufacturers
• Evaluate the identity, purity, strength and composition of the final product
• Independent third-party testing to make sure our products fully meet nutritional and supplemental label claims.
• Stability testing to confirm that composition and strength stay as claimed at the end of shelf life.

8) Ready to Share

Isagenix has a whole team dedicated to product commercialization. This includes creating various labels for each country, organizing shipping, meeting regulations for shipping certain ingredients, etc. Isagenix is available in many countries after they have passed stringent testing in those countries.

Buy Isagenix here or go to our website for more information.

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