Isagenix Canada

Isagenix Canada

Isagenix 4 out of 5 stars

Isagenix Canada – products are sold through Independent Isagenix Consultants  WE can provide you with all the information so that you can make an educated purchase.  We have the proof of how good this program is, and I will offer you the best price.

Isagenix gets 4 out of 5 stars.  Read these Clinical studies Isagenix vs Heart healthy diet.  Dr. Varady’s diet study has been published in two prestigious, high-profile, peer-reviewed publications, Nutrition Journal and Nutrition & Metabolism. It was selected for an oral presentation at the American Society for Nutrition’s (ASN) 2013 annual meeting at the Experimental Biology Conference. Last, but far from least, the study’s abstract won the ASN obesity research interest section abstract competition. Only five abstracts were recognized as winners in a competitive field of more than 100 studies.


Which describes you best:

  • New Mom wanting to lose post baby weight?  Hate people asking you “are you pregnant again…so soon?  Lets show them the new you
  • Athletes looking for better performance – Check out this video of a Canadian Hockey player who is just one of thousands of athletes including Olympic athletes who are using the products
  • Seniors looking for better sleep, increased energy – Life is about living, and you still have a lot of life to live so let’s do this
  • Someone who is sick and tired of carrying extra weight around and looking for answers.  Who wants to carry the weight of two big bags of potatoes.  We have the answer.

What do we recommend to start?

If you are really serious about losing weight, can we recommend the 30 day program.  This is what it looks like


Isagenix Canada 30 day program

30 days to a new you

This will be the easiest and most economical program you have EVER tried.  Not only do YOU get a complete 30 days worth of products, you get FREE coaching from me.  I will show you how I lost the weight, and keep you motivated in the process. It is hard to believe something that you are reading on the Internet, but I have further proof that it works.  Check out the amazing video below made for Canadians from Isagenix Canada



Isagenix Canada:  Call toll free for best price

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I have been using Isagenix for over six years now.  I bought from a great lady who showed me how to get the results I needed.  She recommended a 30 day plan.  The rest is history, I am a lifer and now My son and daughter have started doing it also.  My daughter needed to lose excess baby weight.  I am one happy, healthy grandfather.This is a really great product! I can’t believe how easy it was to set up and use!I’ll definitely recommend your site to anyone who asks. I made up the purchase price in just two days!Jeff Mc
Calgary, Alberta
Thank you for asking me for a testimonial.  I am thrilled.  After years of trying other programs that did not work it was a relief to find one that did.  I know it took a long time to convince me but you broke this stubborn girl and I am happy you did. I have recommended you to every girl in the office who saw my results.  One was as stubborn as me, but she is convinced now.  So glad Isagenix is in Canada and I told my girlfriend in Australia about it tooJennifer G
Scarborough, Ontario



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