Weight loss after pregnancy


Weight loss after pregnancy can be difficult.  You need to do it the healthy way.  How can the Isagenix program help you lose weight after your pregnancy?

  • If you  had your baby and those last 10 lbs just won’t go away
  • If your looking for a healthy weight loss program
  • Your looking for a safe and natural method to lose weight
  • show you how to lose 20, 50 or even 100 lbs.


weight loss after pregnancy

@Katie Copus with baby #3

My name is Katie Copus, and I am a mother of two boys and now have a 7 mth old baby girl. I look huge in this photo as Baby #3 decided to be sideways for most of my pregnancy, but believe me I look much better in this photo than I did after my first son.    I would love to share my story with you about my weight loss after pregnancy in our Private Mom and Baby group on Facebook where you can learn how to stay healthy after having your baby.  You are probably exhausted from lack of sleep, and getting used to having a baby with all their demands and it is nice to be able to talk to other Moms.  If this is not your first baby, you have your other children that will demand your attention.  I want your weight loss journey to be a good one, with lots of support.  I will be your weight loss coach as I am a Mother and know exactly how you feel and I want you to meet other Moms who have used this program successfully


My Mother introduced me to Isagenix after the birth of my first child.  I had gained so much weight due to all the stress in my life.  My marriage had broken up, we lost our house and I had to move back in with my parents.  I went back to college and worked part time and looking after my son was pretty hard.  Thank goodness my Mom suggested I start having shakes for energy and to help me lose weight.  I could not believe the difference in my energy, and how easy it was to lose weight.  I started telling my friends who had also had babies and were having problems losing weight.  Fast forward to Baby #2.  I was working full time in the fast food industry and was under the care of a gynecologist because of complications.  I started passing out at work and he recommended I supplement my diet with shakes.  My pregnancy went very well after that, apart from a bad sciatic nerve and I found that I did not gain as much weight as I had with Baby #1.  He was healthy and I saw a big difference in him.  I could feel the difference in my second pregnancy and I got pregnant  just a few months later with my daughter.  I drank the shakes throughout my pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  There are some products you can not use if you are breast feeding.

All I can tell you, is I have never found such a healthy, easy program to follow for busy Moms.  I love working from home and being able to spend time with my 3 children under 6 yrs of age.   I also teach Moms how to make money in the Isagenix business.  You would be surprised how many girls started this part time and now doing it full time and making 6 figure incomes.  Many of them start this business on maternity leave and do not go back to their old jobs.


I did the 30 day program and it worked for me.  I would love to help you



weight loss after pregnancy

@Katie Copus with Quinn

Contact me today so that we can plan the right program for you.  Please mention my name and I will gladly introduce you to the other isagenix mommies.  You can call the toll free number above or make an appointment to chat.