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Who is using Isagenix in México:


The Mexico Guerreros team of the World’s Boxing League, are very happy with Isagenix.  They are getting great results due to the improved nutrition.  They now achieve better performance in their matches.

Alex Hoffmann, who is the President of Isagenix Latin America and GM of México, was there to explain the  benefits of the products “Isagenix has nutrition-dedicated products for all athletes.  “We are cycling national sponsors and IronMex sponsors, representing Mexico in the international super triathlon IronMan.”   The fighters and athletes  that have used the products have had positive results, it is good to positive health and nutrition change. Our products have passed every anti-doping test since they are made with 100% natural organic proteins and do not have caffeine or any other chemical or stimulant”.

Concluding Alex Hoffmann explanation, fighters such as Elías “El Tornado”, Emigdio and Juan PabloPivi” Romero agreed to be happy “for the good results that Isagenix has given to us. It has helped us a lot to hit the target in the weight scale. The are great quality products”, Romero said.

Once the media conference was over, the Mexico Guerreros team gave Hoffmann a pair of boxing shorts and a boxing robe signed as a gesture of appreciation.



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