Isagenix Nova Scotia- where can I buy?

Why you should choose this weight loss program if you live in Nova Scotia.

I am sure you are like me and have tried every program out there with some success.  I probably did WW at least 4-5 times in the 60 years of my life.  I found weighing and counting points to be frustrating and once I lost my weight I was back to my old habits.  I wanted to find something easier, something that other people were using with great results.  In came Isagenix.  I was at a BNI morning meeting and a man introduced me to the products and showed me a lot of photos.  It was not just the weight loss, it was the energy and the youthfulness I saw in so many of the people

I set up these pages so that you would learn more about the program.  I am a Mother, wife, Grandmother of 3 and I travel a lot, mostly because of the income I receive as a Health Coach with Isagenix.  If you use the products, you can become a coach too.

buy Isagenix in Nova Scotia
Living in Nova Scotia it is often hard to find the right weight loss program

Many of our customers have heard about this program from a friend or relative, or they have seen one of the videos below.  Not only is Isagenix the healthiest weight loss program out there,it is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not like the product you can phone and have it shipped back. I have personally used Isagenix for 4 years and had the most amazing experience with it. I love when someone calls me from Nova Scotia and asks me what kind of support they will get, how do they maintain their weight loss when they have reached their goal

Health and Wellness Consultants can help you reach your goals.T

How do you do the 30 day weight loss program?

It is my job as an Isagenix Health and Weight loss consultant to help you reach your goals, to show you how to use the products properly and get the best support. We have amazing support groups on Facebook where people not only lose weight but make new friends and business connections in Nova Scotia.

Find out more about Isagenix in Canada and the weight loss testimonials here

If you need to lose 20 pounds or more, we recommend the 30 day program


buy Isagenix in Nova Scotia

These are the places I support weight loss and health in Nova Scotia.

Annapolis Royal
Clark’s Harbour
Mahone Bay
New Glasgow
Port Hawkesbury

My goal is YOUR goal. To get your energy back, lose inches, and help you to keep it off. If you are an Athlete in Nova Scotia, call me about the products that are highly recommended for all athletes including Hockey Players in Nova Scotia, Football, Soccer, Baseball. If our products are good enough for Olympic athletes, just imagine what they will do for you.

Buy Isagenix in Nova Scotia by calling the toll free number at the top of the page to get the best price and find the RIGHT product for you. Or click on this Isagenix link to be taken to my website. Please note, the best price is wholesale. You pay a yearly fee and you get wholesale prices for a whole year for you and your family. You will be on autoship which can be cancelled AT ANY TIME. You can change it every month to what you want. It is getting your groceries delivered every month on the same day so you NEVER run out..but remember your in charge and you can change or stop it. So when you choose to purchase Isagenix, choose Wholesale.

Weight loss consultants are waiting to help you now.  Phone and ask questions before you buy.

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Income opportunities in Nova Scotia

If you are a hairdresser in Nova Scotia, massage therapist, Dentist, Doctor, Veterinarian in Nova Scotia you can do Isagenix part time.  Watch the video below of health professionals and other people who have made a full time income selling Isagenix

Isagenix in Canada business


You can work from your home or office either part time or full time. Just think, you can offer an additional service to your customers without opening another office and it fits in with the pockets of time you are working now. Contact me if you would like more information.  You will not find an opportunity like this one for such a small investment