Business opportunity in the UK for personal trainers and athletes or wellness coaches

business opportunity in the UK for personal trainers and athletes

When you trained to be an athlete, a personal trainer or decided to open a gym, what were your goals?  No one understands the sacrifices an athlete has to make.  The dedication, long hours away from family and the pain that many suffer.

Wellness Coaches

Your clients depend on you to provide them with the most up to date information.  They trust that you will give them the best nutritional information and also make sure they know the best products to use.

If you are a gym owner do you have a five year business plan?  And if you have been doing it that long, have you reached or surpassed those goals?  What I am offering today is two fold.  Great products that you will see amazing benefits, + an additional income that is recurring.
  • Do you know why celebrities or rock stars like Paul McCartney make money long after they are gone?  They get royalties every single day and long after they are gone. WHO would love a job where you put hard work in, and then get paid over and over…daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  + Plus bonuses + trips.

      For athletes you know the limited window of opportunity you have.  Olympic athletes only make money while they are winning.  Who wants to sponsor you when your not in the limelight anymore. Do you have a plan? ASK an injured athlete if they have ever saved money for when they get injured and can not return to the sport they love.  The athlete below is one of many football players in North America did not know what to do when he retired in 1997.  One football player in the NFL said it stood for “Not for Long”  What happens to COACHES who are told they are too old to coach?  There are other options

business opportunity in UK

  • Lets be honest.  It is a very competitive market out there.  As an athlete it is always a struggle to find the right products that will give you the results you need.  But if you saw thousands of athletes  like yourself including Olympic athletes getting amazing results in North America and in Australia wouldn’t you want to try it? The video is proof.  Top athletes and personal trainers have found a way to make royalties/recurring income for the rest of their lives as they have joined our Isagenix Team.
  • Everyone asks, What will it cost me?  In North America it costs $29.00 and that is to pay for a wholesale membership.  The benefits are you get the products at retail, you get a free website, free training, the products are backed by top nutritionists and 3 peer reviewed studies (do your products have this?)  Conferences are sold out every year and held in Las Vegas.  Contests are held for anyone who enters their Healthy Body challenge.  Big cash prizes, trips and free products.  Even if you do not win, you get free products.


Business opportunity in the UK for personal trainers and athletes.  See the athletes and personal trainers who joined our Healthy team.

2017 marks the year that the company Isagenix International expands into the UK.  Isagenix, is one of the leading Health and Nutrition companies that supplies Health and Wellness products to top athletes (up to the Olympic level) personal trainers, body builders and fitness professionals.  They have 3 peer reviewed studies, one was carried out by Krista Varady.

peer reviewed studies



We often tell people to make a list of your three biggest obstacles you currently face.
Determine the worst thing that could possibly happen if you decided to mount an all-out assault to overcome them. If you can live with the worst-case scenario, suspend your fear and attack your obstacles as if it is impossible to fail. If you succeed, your self-confidence will soar. If you fail, you will live to fight another day.  Watch this video and see how it could help your three biggest obstacles


Unlike other companies, IsagenixUK not only has the studies, but they are supported by an amazing line up in their Scientific board which includes the famous Nutritionist Dr. Michael Colgan who is very well known in the UK and has written numerous books.  Top athletes rave about Dr. Colgan as they saw their performance improve based on his training and his books.

Before you say, NOT ANOTHER COMPANY.
Many of the professional athletes you will see in the videos said NO to this opportunity.  It wasn’t until their own clients started buying from someone else and showed them the amazing results they were getting.  Isagenix does not pay people to promote their products, athletes become business owners who promote the products and get paid extremely well.  What will you do when it is time to retire?  Do you have enough to retire?

Please watch the video below to see the calibre of athletes that are raving about Isagenix in North America, Australia and New Zealand.  Isagenix is in 12 countries and the expansion to the UK has been eagerly anticipated by thousands

Isagenix has solutions for every kind of athlete.  Why not supply your customers with the best nutrition.  If you don’t, your competition will.ISAGENIX UK

Weight loss, or muscle gain?  Aaron is just one athlete who recommends it to thousands of his friends and makes a residual income every single week.  Natalie won a contest that Isagenix holds.  The great part of the contest is there is a big prize but people get rewarded for just participating.


We have business builders in Australia and New Zealand,  and many of them were in the Olympics.  They started thinking of of what will their life would look like when they were no longer able to compete.  Someone approached them about Isagenix and they are now making full time incomes with Isagenix and coaching people to get healthy.


What does Isagenix have that other companies don’t?

Ionix Supreme which was formulated in Russia.  The founder of Isagenix met with the man behind adaptogens.  in Russia. He learned how beneficial adaptogens were for athletes and saw the amazing results they were getting by using them.

How you can make money with Isagenix in the UK?


Where can I learn more about Isagenix and income opportunities?

If you are still NOT convinced about why you should join Isagenix?  There is more…….

If you go to our UK website you can fill out a form and we will contact you directly.  Once you have filled out the form you will be informed about training and get to try the products.

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business opportunity in the UK for personal trainers and athletes

It’s a train that can not stop and it is coming to the UK.  Will you be on board?


Isagenix UK