You may have read the article in Popular Science magazine about “The man who would stop  time”

Or the article in Elle Magazine that said “Hey, Wanna Live Forever”?

or Prosper magazine that explained the science of unlocking the molecular mechanisms of aging.


Product B


Want to know more about the Science of Aging?  Scroll down and watch the video “What’s Aging you”


Nobel Prize winning research is yielding promising compounds for fighting the inevitability of aging at the cellular level


Product B anti aging

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“Living Longer never Felt Better”

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For Product B


Isagenix John Anderson

Isagenix Master Formulator











“Is there a real science behind Product B”

Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator replied:

“Yes.  In fact the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine was given to 3 people whose telomere research was built around Dr. Andrew’s original work with telomeres.



The scientific community was totally abuzz with the discovery.  The founder and Master Formulator John Anderson said “Up until till two years ago it was rare to hear about telomeres, but there is an explosion right now.  He said understanding telomeres and telomerase leads to the understanding of aging.  The body is constantly under attack from oxidative stress and free radicals which is one of the key influencers of aging.


How Product B came to Isagenix.  The big LAUNCH


Product B where can you buy
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