Isagenix consultant in Nova Scotia

Isagenix consultant Nova Scotia

Every new client from Nova Scotia has said how happy they were that they chose Isagenix. They had 10 – 100 lbs to lose and loved their results.
There are not many healthy weight loss programs in Nova Scotia that will deliver the program to your door and offer you amazing weight loss advice and coaching.   Have you seen these amazing testimonials from people who have lost 100-300 lbs?  They not only lost the weight, they were shown how to maintain it.  The very worst thing you can do is to not learn about maintenance.  I can offer you the best coaching and weight loss advice.  You are more than a customer to me.  You invest in yourself and I will invest my time in you to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

I have been using Isagenix for 4 years.  I have tried all of the products and have my favourites.  My first order was a Pacesetter Pak. It is the 30 day program with a blender if you do not have one.  It is just the right size and handy for travelling.  If you would like to talk confidentially, please send me an email to the side of this page and set an appointment.  Please leave your phone number.  Not everyone uses the same products, and they should be explained to you

Isagenix offers a variety of plans.  Weight loss for new Moms to lose their extra pregnancy weight, Seniors use the shakes for energy, athletes use our Athletes Pak, and people wanting to lose 20-400 lbs have started with our 30 day program which gives you everything you need for 30 days.

Please call the phone number listed above to find out any specials that Isagenix is offering, as well as assisting you to make sense from all the choices you will have.  You are making a BIG investment, let me help you.

Consultants are available in

Cape Breton (Sydney)
New Glasgow
Isagenix consultant in Nova Scotia

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Isagenix consultant in Nova Scotia home business

When I started using Isagenix over 4 years ago I had no intention to do the business. But so many people asked me where I was buying the products. I realized that there was a need, and started my business part time. It has grown to full time and I have since trained my daughter an a team in Canada, the USA and Australia. If you have thought about starting a part time business you can do this with a very low investment. I have seen Moms start training while on Maternity Leave and did not go back to work as they were so successful. Ask to see some of the amazing stories of people making six figure incomes.