30 day weight loss program

Everyone knows that it takes at least 30 days to change the way you eat, and to stick with it. When I was looking for a 30 day weight loss program I had a big list to check off. It had to be:

  •  Healthy
  • Easy to do
  • Did not have to weigh and measure everything
  • Lots of support from the program.  Meet people who had used the program.  
  • To be able to Ask questions and see before and after photos.  Also find out if they had support to keep the weight off 


I did not have to look far as I met someone who had tried an amazing program called Isagenix.  He showed me a book with lots of testimonials and before and after photos.  But that was not enough.  I had to see videos too.  This is one of those videos that inspired me the most.  I love how they say the “Weight is Over”




 I did not need to lose 100 lbs but knowing that it worked for people who were 400 lbs overweight I knew it would work for me.  It provided me with healthy products, packed with vitamins and minerals that my body was obviously missing.  I felt full, a renewed energy flowing back in my body and I felt younger.


 I joined a 30 day weight loss challenge that is held  every 16 weeks and loved it as it kept me accountable.  This video shows some of the people who used the 30 day diet plan.  Real people like you who were fed up with being overweight and needed to be held accountable.  The prizes were very attractive as well.  Who wouldn’t want to win cash, trips and other prizes. 

This is the 30 day program that I tried over six years ago now and I still use the products  today for the health benefits.  Seriously, the only way you will find out just how good it is, is to see how many of your friends that are using it successfully and the people in this video.



This all happened in 2010 and I loved the products so much I told my friends, my husbands friends, the neighbour, the day care and now you are reading this blog as I made it to encourage people like you to join me  Buy from this site and you automatically get me as a coach and mentor.

Call the toll free number above and lets get started.  I can hardly wait to hear your testimonial after just 1 month of this 30 day weight loss program

Or you can click the link below.  But make sure you click on buy and save as you will save over a hundred dollars on some programs

I look forward to helping YOU lose weight with the Isagenix 30 day program.  ** Please note we ALSO have dairy free shakes and dairy free bars**


30 day weight loss program

Just give it 30 days









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